Give the gift of music, with our new Music in the Mountains special occasion packages!

These virtual, personalized recordings are the perfect way to share the joy of music with your friends or family.

Our musicians will record a piece of music and a special message specifically for you. These unique recordings make a wonderful gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, new baby, graduation, or just a special gift to yourself!

Watch the video below and read on to learn more about this amazing opportunity!


1.) You will choose what musician or instrument you would like to "send." We'll be featuring a selection of our orchestra musicians (see below) to choose from, with almost every instrument represented.

2.) Email us at to purchase your package and create your special message! The cost for each pre-recorded song and message is $100, which will be split between our organization and the musician.

3.) You'll work with the Music in the Mountains staff to choose one of the pieces available from your chosen artist. Once the piece is complete, you'll receive your pre-recorded video, complete with your song choice and your personalized message.

4.) Share with your chosen recipient and enjoy!

Learn more about each of the available artists to choose from below, and when you're ready to reserve your special piece, email us directly at

Support independent musicians as well as Music in the Mountains, all while giving the gift of a wonderful performance created uniquely for you!